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Nara Five, Nobara, and Sandy by bookworm555 Nara Five, Nobara, and Sandy by bookworm555
Creative title, yeah? XD

Basically, more sketches I did at work. I never really draw the Nara Five (aka Nobara's Brats), so I decided I would sketch them. Felka is my favorite, though I also like Kumo and Yamato.

Basically, the Nara Five is an organization created by Nobara to go against the Defenders. She picked the members based on how their abilities would match with those of the Defenders. Felka counters Luna, Kumo counters Shashi, Kiken counters Hildegarde, Yamato counters Zen, and Lee counters Blue.
As for their abilities:
Felka can transfer energy to objects and make them explode.
Kumo can remove strands of his hair and elongate them, as well as attach them to his opponents to manipulate their movements.
Kiken can become a living voodoo doll if she mixes her blood with her opponent's.
Yamato can create an endless supply of dopplegangers.
Lee's nails secrete a poison that paralyzes his enemies. He is also the strongest member of the Five, like Blue is the most physically strong member of the Defenders.

Haha, Kumo and Felka have a rivalry/friendship just like Shashi and Luna~

...The Nobara chibi creeps me out, XD.

Too bad Sandy dies early on; she's really fun to draw, ^w^'.

This will be inked and colored soon~

*Felka, Kumo, Kiken, Yamato, Lee, Nobara Nara, and Sandy Simmons belong to me.*
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vampiresongka Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Student Artist
Felka's eyebrow does not approve xD henceforth why it is lowered a bit ^U^
your new style allows for some interesting expressions
bookworm555 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013   Writer
I love Felka; she's my favorite member of the Nara Five to write about and draw. (Haha, she bugs her teammate Kumo so much...) Also, she and Luna become friends later because of their mutual love for explosions, XD. (Because blowing stuff up is a wonderful bonding activity...^w^')
vampiresongka Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student Artist
nara? :3< awww....xD okay that makes more sense.

those two look like they would be just by their
facial expressions
bookworm555 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013   Writer
That's Nobara's last name, and since the organization was put together by her, it's called the Nara Five, XD

Haha, yeah, after Felka realizes that Nobara's just manipulating her, she defects from the Nara Five and helps out Luna and co. With lots of explosions, of course. ...Shashi is just about dyin at this point; now she has to deal with TWO explosives-happy people, XD.
vampiresongka Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Student Artist
shika shika maru i love you! there's no reason to not know who the leader is..leader..

the poor thing...and luna + felka = besties..
what if felka likes shashi! -oh no...!-

"you're ruining my teenage girl fantasy" - :iconlspplz:
bookworm555 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013   Writer
OMJ I LOVE THAT SONG! :iconshikashakeplz:

LEADER-SAMA, XD. Haha, what's funny is that the leader of the Defenders, Naaz, is pretty unknown as a character. I don't go into her backstory until later. ^^'

YES! Explosions for the win!
Haha, Felka does have a crush on Luna, but it's one-sided. (Luna only has eyes for Shashi. ...And maybe Sofia, if readers squint hard enough, XD.)

Oh glob~ :iconohmyglobplz:
vampiresongka Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Student Artist
aha...i can't believe they made an icon for's so so cute! (i could have sworn i saw that dizzy shika chibi from when
he was fighting tayuya...or strategizing?)

i get the sense that naaz will be an integral part of the
story arc later

mm hmm...not my thing but mmkay.
awww...i think they look too a like anyhow.
tee hee love triangle

(you love that icon :iconohmyglobplz:)
bookworm555 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013   Writer
I know! I love it~
Hahaha, I think it was from that episode. XD

Yup! She's not really focused on until later, but she does become a big part of the story. (She IS the leader of the Defenders, after all...)

Haha, Felka looks like Dee mixed with Sofia, XD.
Love triangles are so much fun~

I do! C:
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